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The Petroleum Contractors Trade Section (PCTS) of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & industry has signed a Memorandum of understanding with Agora Nexus to jointly promote Security events in Nigeria.

Agora Nexus brings together senior stakeholders, leaders, and security chiefs from the Oil & Gas sector for security-focused agenda, activities, and events.

PCTS will be promoting Agora Nexus’ events on its webpage and promoting its activities to its members. Tayo Akinkunmi, Chairman of PCTS said: “As key industry stakeholders, the subject of security and the attendant challenge in our operational areas is of utmost importance to PCTS and its Member Companies. Agora Nexus provides a platform for us to collaborate with other industry stakeholders in a practical manner towards proffering and implementing solutions to these issues. We are very pleased to be in partnership with Agora Nexus and look forward to a successful relationship.”

Phil Manny, Founder & Director of Agora Nexus, said: “I am really pleased to announce the support and endorsement from PCTS. The Energy-Ops Security Agora's objective from day 1 was to bring leaders together to address and mitigate challenges that not only effect the industry but have a detrimental damage to the economy and country in its entirety. I whole heartedly look forward to a fruitful and prosperous relationship with PCTS as a leading industry body"

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