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About PCTS

In January of 1956, Nigeria drilled its first successful well at Oloibiri. With the completion of that first well, the roots of the Contractor Community who would construct, provide service and grow the Nigerian Oil Industry, were established.


As a result of the multitude of diverse disciplines associated with these individual companies, a coherent and synergetic focus on issues of importance has often been wanting. Opportunities where our industry could have pooled resources to make meaningful contribution to our industry, and the Nation at large, have often been missed due to this disconnection.


The Petroleum Contractors Trade Section (PCTS) of the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated in July of 2008 to address this issue. Through this venue the Oilfield Service and Contracting companies now have a conduit to develop beneficial synergies within our industry and the Nation. The members of our group are acting in a non-profit capacity to provide benefit to the society and our industry.


The targets of the Trade Section are based on need, but primarily focus on issues of Safety, Security, Viable Legislation and Corporate Responsibility. All activities of the Trade Section are carried out in conjunction with the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce and Industry under a full transparency doctrine.


We are a contributing partner in the progress of the Nation and are confident that our organization will be a major influence on positive growth and development. Working together, we can all make a difference.