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Bristow has operated in West Africa for more than 50 years, primarily providing crew transport services to offshore drilling rigs and production platforms in the Niger Delta area. Bristow is the largest provider of helicopter services to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, where it serves clients in six Nigerian Federation states, including Lagos, Warri, Eket and Port Harcourt. Clients consist mostly of major integrated oil and gas companies. More than 1,000 employees work for the following companies operating in Nigeria:
• Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited (BHNL)
• Pan African Airlines (Nigeria) Limited (PAAN)
• BGI Aviation Technical Services (BATS)

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited (BHNL)
Service: Air Service Provider
Location: Muratala Muhammed Airport, Lagos
Facilities:Portharcourt, Lagos

Customer Facilities: Eket, AGIP Portharcourt
Background: Major player in the Nigerian oil and gas industry for more than 50 years. Leader in safe transportation to deepwater offshore structures, operator UK SAR Services.

Pan African Airlines (Nigeria) Limited (PAAN)
Service: Air Service Provider
Location: Muratala Muhammed Airport, Lagos
Customer bases: Warri, Escravos
Background: Incorporated in 1961. Providing Fixed Wing and Helicopter Services

BGI Aviation Technical Services (BATS)
Service: Aviation engineering and technical services
Locations: Headquarters at GRA Ikeja, Lagos; maintenance hangar and service and management offices at General Aviation Area of Muratala Muhammed Airport, Lagos; maintenance hangar at Port Harcourt; service operations at customer bases in Warri, Eket, Escravos and AGIP Port Harcourt
Background: More than 50 years of providing industry-leading services worldwide