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    GE Oil & Gas

    Integrated Oil and Gas Solutions in Nigeria


    At GE Oil & Gas, we fuel the future. Building on 100(?) years of expertise across GE and strategic acquisitions, starting with Nuovo Pignone in 1994  and continuous growth, have positioned us as one of the world’s leading equipment and services’ providers in the oil and gas space. With unique capabilities across the entire value chain from oil and gas drilling equipment and sub-sea systems, to turbomachinery solutions and downstream processing.

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    We are neither upstream nor downstream; we are full stream.Our quest for progress is relentless.

    We work on the things that matter, becoming trusted partners for our customers to solve today’s toughest energy challenges. Our extensive global network of manufacturing facilities, operational bases & services centers allow us to operate where it matters to you. We push the boundaries of technology, investing in innovative oil and gas applications, while our broad industrial reach opens opportunities for advancement through synergies with other industrial sectors, from Aviation to Healthcare.

    To maximize our capabilities, we nurture expertise. Combined, our teams have more than 60 years’ experience and we continue to invest in them, growing careers, skills and opportunities, and enhancing the communities in which we work, with the highest levels of integrity.

    Operating since 2002, our Onne facility is the first and only quayside facility of its caliber in Nigeria, with an exceptional safety record; it is a cornerstone in GE’s commitment to the country’s oil and gas industry. With continually expanding capabilities, the site provides complete assembly, testing and lifecycle service for subsea tree systems, subsea control modules, specialty connectors and pipe. It offers broad business development opportunities for local suppliers.

    GE plans to invest over $1 billion in Nigeria within the next five years. About  $250 million of it will be in a new multi-modal manufacturing and services site in Nigeria that, by 2018, will serve as a regional hub for GE Oil & Gas and GE Power Generation Services. The advanced facility will be the first of its kind in Nigeria and will include a training center. GE forecasts that the Calabar facility will create 250 direct employment positions and an estimated 2,000 more indirect positions through our supply chain. In addition, GE is collaborating with the Technical Institute of Calabar to develop academic programs to prepare students for the opportunity to work at this facility.

    We are GE Oil & Gas and we are fueling the future.